Fruit and Vegetables


Everyday our team is at the markets to source you the freshest fruit and vegetables. The produce we select is then sent straight to our store and it is on the shelves the same day. Our aim is to turn over our produce very quickly so that it is always fresh. A busy store is a fresh store!
Our aim is to always purchase from local growers first. We believe in supporting our local farmers and producers. Obviously the less distance your fruit and vegetables travel the fresher they are.
All of our fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced from Perth's Market City in Canning Vale. This is the place local growers and importers bring their produce to be sold. We support a huge variety of growers from WA and Australia and will always buy local first. When certain lines are not available locally, we will then buy imported produce. We buy from the market every day to ensure freshness and quality.
If there is an item we don’t stock, please inquire about it. We can let you know if it is available in the current season. We are also open to stocking new items. We want to make our customers happy!